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Welcome to the “Background investigation I want to know”.
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If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

First, when do you think a case study is used?

In general, the conduct survey refers to “investigating the behavior of the surveyed person”. The basic methods of investigation are similar, but the ultimate purpose of the investigation is to obtain evidence of cheating, while the purpose of the investigation is to follow the behavior of the subjects investigated.As a way of using the background investigation, parents ask to know the behavior of children who are leaving their parents and living alone, and it seems that there is a case to conduct a background investigation.In this case, it seems that some people ask for an investigation because they are worried about whether girls are living alone and living safely, whether they are worried about night play and male relationships, or whether boys are living alone for the first time and whether they are going to school properly.

In addition, it seems that there are cases where the family members who live together may ask for a background investigation that they are having some trouble.
It seems that some people do a background investigation when they think about what their husband and wife are likely to be worried about from their usual behavior, even though they seem to be worried about something, and they feel suspicious about their behavior.
When I got married, people suddenly changed.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.If you find out about the conduct survey to the survey subjects, the meaning of the survey request will be lost, and there is a risk of causing unnecessary trouble by finding out.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

So what exactly is a detective with investigative power?In order to avoid the risk that the investigation will be discovered, measures are being taken and how much the investigation is done (whether you have actual experience in combat) should affect the investigation ability.If you step on the number of places, the experience value will increase by that much, and in order to step on the number of places, it must be easy for the requester to ask.
The client is as cheap as possible.This is a great way to get the most out of your business.However, if you ask for a cheap survey, and you fail the survey, or you are exposed, there is no original or child.It is important to find a client by considering the balance between fee and survey technology (ability) 2.

When you do research, you are concerned about the cost.

In addition to the basic research expenses, the cost of the follow-up (for example, gasoline and high-speed charges for traveling by car, train fare, etc.) is the cost of the follow-up.It is like the style of the basic survey fee to be added later.
There are some websites that offer a very low survey fee or basic fee, but in this case, it seems that the survey fee and basic fee are often shown in the case of a 1-hour charge in which one investigator engages in the survey.
Since the background survey is basically conducted by 2 to 3 investigators, even with a simple calculation, you must add 2 to 3 times the basic fee × survey time Plus the number of days surveyed and the actual expenses incurred during the survey.

Some research companies offer a low fee of about tens of thousands of yen, but considering labor costs and costs, if it is too cheap research expenses, it would be better to have a question before the request.
On the contrary, “I do not want to fail this investigation.It is also nonsense to ask a high place to bother thinking “What is it?”.
You should know that if you are high, your research ability is not high, but you are performing the number of places where you are conducting research constantly at a price set around a reasonable price, and of course your research ability is also high.

In some cases, we have set up a pack for the investigation fee, and we have eliminated the fee that will be added later.
The pack fee system looks higher at first than the plan with the basic fee added later, but it seems that the pack is often cheaper as a result.

However, the contents of the pack are different depending on the client.It is important to ask after confirming well.